stan-krupnoDo you want to live in a space that is comfortable and to your liking? To be at peace and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home? There are many ways to create such an environment, but nothing could overcome a good carpet, rug or other products made of wool. To create a feeling of warmth and luxury, products of colored wool remain one of the favorite ways of decorating the floor.There are several reasons why the colorful flooring is always trendy. We in GreenTon – collection REMAKE like to play with combinations of colors and material. Our products come in a wide range of colors, because by coloring the wool we can get a wide variety of any color shades.

Carpet is one of ttepih-sarenihe things in the apartment with which you have contact very often. You are stepping on it every day, cleaning it, vacuuming and enjoying the warmth and visual effect that it gives to the space. Therefore the selection of color and the procedure of dyeing a wool carpet that is designed to give you a longer lifetime are of great importance.
Carpet is the only floor coverin
g that, in addition to having the function of the mat that enhances the warmth of the space, seems to pose a central decorative element, it represents an additional aesthetic mean by which you enrich the living environment and that makes it unique and shaped according to your style. Depending on the textures, colors and designs choose a
carpet that will create a peculiar atmosphere and seasotaburen the ambience of each room.

We in GreenTon are proud of our footstools and cushions from the collection REMAKE, which are made of hand-woven fabrics. The “play of
colors” from the woolen material gives them uniqueness that we enhance by combining many types of materials. Playing with colors and materials enriches your space.

If you are not a fan of carpets and you want your floor to be unveiled but still want a touch of warmth and home-like atmosphere in your home, rugs, painted different colors, are the right choice for you. They can be great for hallways, small rooms or carelessly scattered around pieces of furniture in large spaces.
Rugs and small carpets are handy for dividing the space into smaller, separate units in large rooms. The more you play with them, the better the outcome. Additional products of colored wool are indispensable detail in the interior, of your home but also your office.

Stool: Colorful cushions

Carpet – colorful whirligig

Sitpouf “Color Cube”

Chair “Black and colorful”

Sitpouf “Pepito”

Sitpouf “Red Cube”

Sitpouf “Orange”

Sitpouf “Donut”

Chair ”Dreadlocks”

Sitpouf ”Watermelon”

Chair “Funky”

Sitpouf “Pinky”


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