What is wool?

Wool is a natural textile of animal origin, in other words the soft hair from mammals fur, particularly sheeps. . The aim of breeding sheep is primarily for wool, and only later for meat, milk and skin. The different classes and types of wool were determined by different breeds of sheep. Thus was born the wool from local sheep breed Pramenka which has different characteristics of softness (semi-rough and rough) with long strands.


Wool, along with silk, belongs to the group of protein fibers, it distinguishes from other animal hairs because it contains a high percentage of sulfur.The chemical and morphological composition of wool fibers are unique. Those characteristics other natural and synthetic fiber do not possess . Wool is a natural protection which protects sheep from rain, snow, heat and cold. It is one of many small miracles of nature that sometimes we do not notice.


General features

Wool has natural feature to regulate the temperatstanure. The interior of the wool fiber can take water vapor, while the outer surface repels water. Fibers can accept up to 33% of water in relation to its weight (in dry state) without feeling that it is damp.It dries faster than cotton. The product of the wool comprises in relation to t
he total volume up to 85% of air. This feature enables it to warm up very efficiently. . Wool does not crowd because of its elastic fiber. In addition, once colored, it does not discolour and it is not flammable. Without specific treatment, it can cause a sense of unpleasant “scratching” on the skin. The scratching does not appear with fine merino wool that adheres well to the body,it does not cause allergies and allows skin to breathe. Wool is soft and pleasant to touch.

In short, the characteristics of wool are water resistance, elasticity and fantastic regulation of temperature and humidity.


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