vunaFrom the earliest days until today,wool by its unique  characteristics excels compared to other natural materials (cotton, silk, linen, etc.). In fact, none of the other natural textile materials have such thermal-insulating properties. In addition, wool draws fumes and sweats into itself and discharges it to the outside and thus, alongside a slight massage, skin always seems fresh (as opposed to cotton which retains moisture and sweat).Walking in woolen socks across the room or barefooted across a woolen carpet is like walking on the ground as wool (as soil) neutralizes the bio-electricity in the human body and leads it to a relaxed state. Therefore it is said that the woolen blankets, rugs and carpets (as well as other products of colored wool) greatly help in the fight for health as the greatest human treasure.
If you want to keep freshness around you, try to re-wrap in a woolen cloth because it is one of the secrets to preserve your health. Besides the aforementioned, wool also has many secrets concerning the preservation of health that have been proven over time but are not fully explained yet.
Wool does not cause irritation to the eyes, skin and lungs, which means that the wool fibers do not pose any threat to human health.

Stool: Colorful cushions

Carpet – colorful whirligig

Sitpouf “Color Cube”

Chair “Black and colorful”

Sitpouf “Pepito”

Sitpouf “Red Cube”

Sitpouf “Orange”

Sitpouf “Donut”

Chair ”Dreadlocks”

Sitpouf ”Watermelon”

Chair “Funky”

Sitpouf “Pinky”


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