works within the company GreenTon Ltd. Sarajevo in the field of hand-made traditional fabrics crafted on hand looms from natural materials (wool, cotton, linen, silk, etc.)

Our vision is to promote our traditional Bosnian clothing and decorative items, with a special flair of antiquity in modern forms. That is why we, in, named our collection – REMAKE.

The foundation for our collection REMAKE is the traditional Bosnian sheet, which was placed in the 21st century.
In a modern approach we refine our traditional sheet so that you can wear it as a garment, perhaps as an accessory, or even use it to dress up your furniture.

We are especially proud of our 100% wool sheep from our pastures from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We need to emphasize that our wool is not treated with any chemicals, so we can treat it as an organic, raw material and finished products are completely environmentally friendly.
Our wool products are refined and given a modernist approach with a combination of attractive and fashionable colors, materials etc.
The goal of the company GreenTon with is the promotion and marketing of local products especially those from domestic wool, such as finished products hand-woven and knitted, made by crocheting, felting, etc. but also semi-finished products (combed and spun wool)
This presentation will introduce the advantages of our domestic wool.


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