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Wool and vuna.ba

vuna.ba works in the field of hand-made traditional materials on hand looms. In a modern approach we refine our traditional blanket, that you can wear as a garment or as part of a assesoara, perhaps to ‘dress’ your furniture …

Wool and health

The products are made from wool that is not treated with any chemicals, therefore it can be classified into organic raw materials and our finished products are completely natural.Our wool products are modern with a combination of attractive colors and other natural materials (silk, linen, cotton, etc)

The characteristics of wool

Wool is a natural protection which protect sheep from rain, snow, cold and heat.Wool is one of the many wonders of nature that sometimes we do not notice Wool has a natural property regulation temperature.The characteristics of wool are water resistance,elasticity and fantastic regulates the temperature and humidity.

About wool

Wool is a natural textile fibers of animal origin, or soft coat of fur mammals especially sheep. The aim of growing sheep is primarily for wool. The different classes and types of wool were determined different breeds of sheep, and so was the wool of local sheep Pramenka.


About wool


Wool is a natural textile fiber of animal origin,…

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Wool as a garment

From the earliest days until today …

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Using wool to ennoble environment

Do you want to live in a space that is comfortable and according to your taste?

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Our Products

Armchair – 2000 wool beads

Sitpouf “Pepito”

Sitpouf “Color Cube”

Carpet “100 days of knitting”

Sheet “Lines”

Sheet “Thick lines”

Chair “Funky”

Chair “Black and colorful”

Sitpouf “Donut”

Chair ”Dreadlocks”

Carpet – colorful whirligig

Carpet “Crash lines”

Sitpouf “Orange”

Stool: Colorful cushions

Carpet: Little Sheep



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